You call them Gods and Kill them too

When you are born
The first person you see is a doctor.
If you were born dead
Whatever be the reason
The doctor is beaten .

When your mother feels the labour pain
She is taken to a hospital
If the ambulance arrives late
Or the road is too rough to carry
The doctor is beaten.

When you start growing up
You take vaccines and medicines
If you catch any fever
The doctor is beaten.

When you fall sick
You go to see the doctor
If there is rush of other patients
You lose your patience
And the doctor is beaten.

When you suffer from a deadly disease
And the medicines can’t cure
You blame it on doctors
And they are beaten.

When you join your job
When you go for your driving license
When you apply for your pensions
You seek a fitness certificate from a doctor
If you are unfit by birth or by any cause
The doctor is beaten.

You bring a man who has already died
And ask for treatment.
If the doctor declares him dead
He is beaten.

A man in his 90s comes to hospital
In his last stage .
You ask for his immortality
And if he dies a natural death
The doctor is beaten.

In the name of Gods
There have been riots.
Millions are killed
And thousands are raped.
And today you attack
Who you revered as the second Gods .

For no mistake of theirs
You try to kill, you try to Lynch
You try to rape, you try to bomb.
The media stays mute, the police act brute
The govt threatens with rowdy hoots.
Such a helpless person is your doctor
Who saves your life working day and night
How can you forget that they are also human
They are just like you with only some intelligent skills.

If you can’t respect them
Don’t kill them at least
They are the reason
You all are here .


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