Once upon a time I was travelling in train.

There was a high alert among the men.

My long nascent curiosity aroused to its highest,

Set up an inquiry for the chaos in the compartment.

There is a bomb at the seat number forty seven,

We should pull the alarm or inform the police man.

Should I dial the toll free one-double-zero,

Or should I diffuse and become a hero.

After all discussion and prediction,I was chosen,

“You have the guts,you are the man”

I walked into the empty compartment,with flooding wishes;

Afraid of explosion I slowed down my steps.

Finally i reached to the seat number concerned,

Inquired into the situation with care and caution.

Nothing was there except a hot lightening bomb,

I winked twice,just to give the confirmation.

For the rest have gone,we were alone;

Played all the seductive games i have known.

Became a hero,wen i came from the compartment after an hour,

Rumour no 13 worked,soon got set for another.

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