There are so many days in life
And some are as exciting as your smile.

The luckiest day of the year
Is your birthday,
The day you came to world
May be God had sent for me .

The day we met for the first time,
The day you came to me,
The day we slept together,
The day we went on a date,
The day we kissed each other,
The day we met for the last time.

Every date comes to my mind
Again and again
And I become Nostalgic.
I wait for your call,
I wait for your sweet voice,
I wait for your song,
That may make my day.

The wait never stops.
Even on my birthday
Or the first day of the year
I have to just wait
Every hour
Every moment
And you never remember me.

May be I am not that worthy enough
But I am that precious
I will wait for you when
You will fall again,
You want to be loved again,
You will be born again,
You will sing again,
You will cry again,
And there will be only me
To love ,to be loved and as a beloved.
I will still be waiting for you.

I will still be waiting for you.

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