Let not the damn despair debauch the verve,

Let not the despondent dormancy debase to enerve

Awaken , arise , aspire and dance incessantly…

To the rhythm of rapture,

To the glint of delight ,

Devouring the ethereal vastness of blue sky,

Endeavoring life’s unfazed gleam and unfathomable joy.

Words for reference


Ethereal: celestial /heavenly

Despair: to loose all hope

Debauch/debase: to reduce esteem,character

Verve: vitality

Despondent: feeling of extreme discouragement

Enerve: weaken

Incessantly : ceaselessly

Rapture: ecstasy/over the moon

Glint: reflection in brilliant flashes

Devour: to enjoy avidly

Endeavor: to strive.

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