The Woman I Adore…

The Woman I Adore


“The people I chose to admire are not necessarily popular or extraordinary, but they each have something extraordinary to offer me…a lesson, a fairytale, an idea, an inspiration!

Here is one… her story, my inspiration.”

I pay for gym but leave midway being drained of enthusiasm and energy.

Dance is fun. So I joined Zumba in January 2018 but used to skive off again.

That was supposed to be my last day. Towards end there was an exercise where I had to hold the hand of a lady standing next to me and cross our legs for stretching. I was damn tired and inattentive.

The lady standing right to me swapped her position coming to my left. She held my hand and then started doing the aerobic. she was full of energy and enthusiasm. She was enjoying it, she was smiling.

That’s when the miracle did happen. I noticed that she had no left hand.

I was dumbstruck for a moment. But since then I gained infinite energy. Her smile has set my soul on fire and I have not skipped a single class of Zumba since then. Needless to mention I have started smiling more often, for more reasons.

Life is beautiful… live it, love it!

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