The Final Letter

The Final Letter

Hye !

I am always intrigued by how destiny is written.

Some by acts of God,
Some by ink,
Some by war,
Some by love,
And some, by hard work.

Of these, I believe ‘time’ is the only one that wins peacefully.
That wins with consent.
That wins anyway.
That’s why ‘time’ is called destiny.

I have never been into such an experience. It was really very new for me.
We talked, we planned And finally we met.
Seeing this, I looked no further than you.

I was very hopeful too. But it was just a ‘yes’ away . It was your turn to make it come true or just make it a story .
The story you want to forget or a story you want to repent.
I had no clue to what was happening.There was all silence. You were all silent. For long, really long.

I had to wait as I knew you will come one day. But you never know how late you were. It’s the time that wins over everything.

I am into a different world now. I have started dreaming a new dream . I am happy too.

Hope you will have a good time too. .
It’s the time
That will help you forget me.
Something that is not destined is not meant for us . We should let it go where it should be.
Hope that everything will be OK for both of us. You will find a boy of your choice , a better one than me. You will reach a better place than mine.

You will find your destiny over there.
I just suggest that you are not missing that bus.

I will always be intrigued by how destiny is written.

Some by acts of God,
Some by ink,
Some by war,
Some by love,
And some, by silence .
By all of them I have found mine.

Wish me a happy journey wherever my destiny takes me.

With Best wishes and Regards,
Yours Forever !

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  1. Such an emotional post😢

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