The day I had the superpower

Last night I asked God,

“why my friend is so sweet?”

I got a super power for a day

As He has no answer to it.

I sent cool-moon &twinkling stars

to tell the fairy-tales and make you sleep,

I sent flowers spreading the fragrance of jasmine

those sailed across the lalling breeze.

I sent the sun to watch your smile

as you returned from the magical dream,

I asked the birds to do a “matak-kali”

tuning to its chirping rhyme.

I spreaded the clouds with its watery whisper

to behold your heavenly elegance,

in the hide &seek of lightening &thunder

added a zing into this extravagance.

The silvery raindrops will sprinkle the joy.

Goddess of beauty will envy your vigour,

may I bring the paradise to your feet !

or else you want,tell me dear!

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