To My Fans !

To My Fans !

You are the only reason I am writing this and if you are reading this now ,I want to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart .

I can’t tell you how much energy I required to put myself into this post and then have you read it. Let me tell you why I have started this page.

‘I am not a celebrity,’ I said.

‘But I am a crazy fan of yours,’ someone was repeatedly saying this.

This happened few more times tagging themselves with the word ‘fan’.
I was shy enough to accept that until the day my dad said to me,’ I am a big fan of yours . I love your inklings in your website.’
I was deeply touched. I was shocked to know that I can have fans too. Few days later one of my friends suggested me to have a page dedicated to people who love me. So here it is.

After publication of my book ‘MISS LAAL TAMATOR’ I got many letters and calls. They all showered praises like never before. I want to thank them all.

You may be a friend or just know me in person; you may be my near and dear one, my guide or a teacher or you may be just an admirer. I would love to have you here ,I am privileged. You are Most welcome to read and leave comments and yes you can write something about me below this post .This post is exclusively for you.You may write about yourself or you may be completely anonymous .That’s all your choice . Even criticism will be adored as a gift of your choice.

And finally,
I want to say that for the interest you have shown I will continue to write what I felt my way through life that may be romantic,fantastic, idealistic, excited,enraged , perplexed,educating , inspiring or many more. You may like my photography too.

I hope it brings you joy .For sake of that I will continue this endeavor to make you happy.Show your love for that . It makes me happy too.

Be this alive .

Love you all !!!
Manoj !

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  1. Waoooo. I was waiting for such a post from you. I am a big fan of yours .
    See , I am the first one to comment here .
    Best wishes .

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