Teddy Bear

He is so cheerful and hearty
When you hug him
There is all delight.
He is so soft and lovely
That you cuddle him
And sleep all night .

His smiling face
Takes all your pain away
His eyes are twinkling
Like a prismatic ray.

He knows all your secret
As you tell him all the things at night
When you go on a date
And when you lose a fight .

When you feel sad and look at him
He says nothing and wear a smile
That’s enough to make you normal
And you forget everything for a while.

He is your best friend
He is your brother
He is your lover
He is your teddy bear .

Hey !!
If I wanna ask you to
make me your teddy bear,
Would you ?
Please don’t say no
Because I can do all the thing
what he does for you .

#dedicated to a lovely teddy bear

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