lost love


ତୋ ଛାତି ଭାଙ୍ଗିଗଲେ କାନ୍ଦିବୁନି
ଯେତେ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବ ଭାଙ୍ଗୁ
କୋରଡ ବି ହୋଇଯାଉ ସେଠି
ତୁ ଦମ୍ଭ ହାରିବୁନି
ଦିନେ ତୋ କୋରଡକୁ ଉଡ଼ିଆସିବ
ପକ୍ଷୀଟିଏ ।
ପ୍ରେମର ପକ୍ଷୀଟିଏ ….

The Final Letter

A final letter from a lover . They love each other but the destiny played a cruel role . Needless to mention that the man who is writing was waiting for a yes from the otherside. But there was all silence . It was time to part away with a letter ,the final letter .

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