Shouldn’t You Come ?

Where are you , O’ sweetheart ?

Without you the days are dark,
The nights are frightening .
Shouldn’t you come and light up my world
With your twinkling eyes ?

The red roses are no more blooming
In the garden of my heart.
Shouldn’t you come and water the plants
From the fountain of joy ?

The words have become screams,
Poems have become a curse.
Shouldn’t you come and sing a lullaby
Playing the guitar of your heart .

I am burnt out in the scorching heat of summer
And sometimes get frigid like the long winter nights,
Sometimes I am widowed like an autumn leaf
And sometimes get drenched in the tears of July .
Shouldn’t you come and bring the season of spring
And let me drink the elixir of life.

Oh Sweetheart !
Shouldn’t you come to me ??
Oh Sweetheart !!
Shouldn’t you come tonight ???

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