SANCTUM…the parliament of India!

Skillfully veiled beneath the

compassionate mask,

stolen is faith’s unfazed gleam

with those glibly words of promise

under the disguise of panacea-dream.

Incomprehensible promises conceived

in the heart and hand of a hundred billions

wins the casino ,weilding the den for a five year term

deceived the country with profiteer’s patriotism.

promises crawled into the shadows of

bankruptcy suicide and unconstrained inflation

Busted is damned-and-wretched’s innocent outcry

for a piece of bread and freedom from revulsion.

You may spend ages and ages in meditation and prostration

for their little grace and will get instead insane molestation…

O’ pauper innocent citizen of India!

These are the Immutuable-modern-Gods

No prayer can reach their ears nor their luxurious sanctum!

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