You are the one…

You are the one.

Dear Dr. Panigrahi sir,

Being honest I want to say that you have completed the toughest journey of life. Choosing the toughest profession in the world and completing the years of service is really the glory of a champion.

And yes you are the one.

Separated by generations I was very young though. You were always gentle, kind and inspiring. You were like a guide all through these years to all. You were lovable and the beloved.

And yes you are the one.

Everybody will miss you as you will be away. Just make a visit very often. You can do that, I know. Because you still will be a part of us.

And yes you are the one.

Age can’t restrict anybody to sit idle. Just have a plan to relax and rejoice. Read or paint, sing or dance; just make sure that you are special.

And yes you are the one.

You may soon realize that it’s a dream come true. As there is a change in life you were living all these years. Just remember this is the greatest invention that very seldom people can achieve.

And yes you are the one.

Happy Journey,
Dr. Manoj Kishore Nayak

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