In the battle field of merciless pestilence

Clutching tight the shining sword,

Armoured with bravehearts we took an oath

To fight against the merchant of death.

By order of Maharaja Krushnachandra Gajapati

We,the army of grace,jousted on horses;

day &night wiped the wet eyes dreadfully wiped out

mended the shatterred dreams,clasped the abandoned soul!

Yet on the way,the great moments we had together

with smiling hearts,fanciful cheers & dancing feather.

O alas!was it a midnight dream with illusionic rays

or,a reminiscence crawled into the shadows of yesterdays.

Like the breezy autumn breeze,we never see

that let us only feel when we close our eyes.

In the open bath,your love showers on us all the time

O winter come!make us together again beneath the sun shine.

Dizzy afternoon conjures us into the quadrangle

O see!upon it bounces the red tennis ball.

Your smiling pictures keep on dancing upon my mind

whenever I hit the score on the wall &add it to mine.

Killing the boredom in those evening gossips at the fountain

That stands glorious in front of our second heaven.

I hear your voice inside the TV room chanting for India’s glory

And in the claps that blast following Sachin’s every century.

Missing your lollipop comments for those teeny weeny beauties walking down the road

where have been those whispering lines “we are GH2 SHANDHA”

I feel you are here whenever I enter into the library.

Yet my heart goes down with the weight of unshed tears that I carry.

O brotherhood!with a wistful smile I ask…

Why did you loved us so much…

‘Can you come again to us with all those snowy dreams?’

O tell me!

‘Do invitation to those beauty of ecstatic reminiscence make you ever cry?’


‘all those,on the realms of destiny,just became a REMINISCENCE that may slowly die!!’

[dedicated to my WELCOME BATCH]

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