Once in a blue moon….

You didst…and O yet again…

Revisit the boulevard of enigmatic fantasy,

To exorcise the midnight’s drunken dreams…

Hungry heart mine,lusty eyes yours…

lets set them on fire;

Let our souls sublime in the flame of love…

and its lustful desire !

Like the virgin bride rushes to ignite the wild cocktail,

Debauch me with your stupendous splendor and salacious smell….

Yeah! the steam of your breath like a liquor half brewed,

I taste the Peppermint kisses as sweet as honey dews…

Echoes from the ribcage the songs of satisfaction,

To unfold the final mystery of love and its passion.

O now see….

My serpentine soul entwined to clasp you longest for,

As we mingle into one,as long as is forever…….

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