Miss Laal Tamator

I published my first book “Miss Laal Tamator”, a collection of TISSUE PAPER POETRY
Do you want to be enthralled with the beauty of my romantic wordplay?

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He is the phenomenon,inspiration of an aspiring nation... Like the mellowing crimson rays of a rising sun... Like the fiercely
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Poetry / Story / Op-Eds (ENGLISH)

Let me rest
Take my body from the imbroglio of life And O' hon' divine ! Let me rest ...
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If you…
If you were a music, I would dance all day.
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You are the one…
Happiness and joy have no retirement. When people retire from service they should be acknowledged that they were special .Here
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Poetry / Story / Op-Eds

"ମା' ସୀମା କ'ଣ ?" ତିନି ବର୍ଷର କୁନି ଛୁଆକୁ ବୁଝେଇବେ କେମିତି ? ଏଣେ ରୋଷେଇଘରେ ବ୍ୟସ୍ତତାରେ ବ୍ୟାଗ ଉପରୁ ହାତ ଉଠାଉ ଉଠାଉ ଗଳି
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ନିଷ୍ଠୁର ହୃଦୟ
ଶବ ଦେହରୁ ପୋଷାକ ସବୁ ବାହାର କରି ଏପଟେ ସେପଟେ ଦେଖାଉଥିଲା ଦେହରେ ଥିବା ଖଣ୍ଡିଆ ଖାବରା ଚିହ୍ନ ସବୁ । ମୁଁ ଟିପୁ ଥିଲି ଖାତାରେ।
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କୁନ୍ଦୁଲି କାନ୍ଦୁଛି
କାନ୍ଦିଲେ କାନ୍ଦୁ ମା' ବିଳାପୀ ବିଳାପୀ ଦୁଇ ଫାଳ ହୋଇ ଫାଟିଯାଉ ଏ ବସୁଧା । ସବୁ କିଛି ଠିକ ହୋଇଯିବ ଆସନ୍ତାକାଲି କାହା ଲୁହରେ କେବେ
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