Moral from Milo

Milo was a wrestler from ancient Greece who lived in the city of croton during 6th century BC . He is one of the most distinguished athlete the world has ever seen and had won six Olympic gold medals. Apart from this he had so many wins including five grand slam alike titles.

He had married to Pythagoras’ daughter and also led the army of crotons in the famous war against Sybaris.

He died in a very tragic manner as his hands were trapped inside a tree while tearing it apart with his hands and later was devoured by a pack of wolves .

So why am I going to talk about him ???

Why he was undefended in his era ?

If we look into the facts from history we would know that the invincibility was because of his training skills .

He used to carry a new born calf on his shoulder and walk miles. As the calf was growing day by day he had to carry more weight and one day he had to carry that calf fully grown into a bull . This made him stronger than his counterparts who laughed at him when he carried the new born calf . The rivals tried to carry the bull   but failed often .

So the moral of the story : Progressive improvement

Be it the exercise to build muscles or about study you have to take higher challenge gradually. You can’t do a mathematics of much higher standard from the beginning nor you can start a business of multi billion dollar all of a sudden .

So don’t be shy , don’t be hopeless . Start it today with whatever little you have .

Best of luck !

#Dedicated to a friend who wants to do a start-up !

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