Now the days are longer and nights are short.

Damn confused:should I live or should I not?

Don’t you feel the deadly pain of my lonely heart ,

why are u,O my love,staying miles and miles apart?

I have become really sick of you,

i hate this long distance relationship;

whenever you dance upon my mind,

my poor heart always skips a beat.

Wish I could live a moment

holding you tight around my arms !

Wish I could taste your lips

sublime my instinct with your L’oreal charms.

I wanna ,very often, say,”love you O hon-mine”

and see the play of emotions on your face;

I wanna sing a song and dance in front of you,

and steal a killer romantic glance.

i would look into your twinkling eyes

and search for the blushing bliss,

oh I could see, my shy girl,

the coloured dimple on your rosy cheeks.

I would hold your soft hand

and go for a walk on the beach,

I would close your eyes

and play moon-light-hide and seek.

Red roses,pink balloons,flying kites in the sky

&also wildly dancing in the rainy shower;

don’t you remember these things O dear !

And also the dream land& the candle light dinner over there.

You promised to be together even after death

saying,’we are made and mad for each other,

And now see,I am dieing every second

like a fish without water.

Missing you is the worst thing

that can be happened to my life;

Run along to my house O darling-ton,

I wanna make you my lovely wife !


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