If you…

If you were a music,
I would dance all day.

If you were a poetry,
I would read you again and again.

If you were a sweet dream,
I would never wake up in life.

If you were a rainbow,
I would be the colors of it.

If you were a rose,
I would be the nightingale.

If you were my hon’ divine,
I would be everything for you.

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  1. If you… is a tremendous poetry dear Bhai..u just mesmerized the memories of all lovers…

    1. Thank you dear brother…. Love you more for the appreciation

    1. Thanks sir

  2. Great work

    1. Thank you sir

  3. Great job

    1. Thanks a lot

  4. Nyc lines

    1. Thanks dear

  5. I love the imagery – so beautiful and profound. Great work!

    1. Thanks a lot

  6. Bro.. you are geniou

    1. Thanks a lot dear

  7. If you are a stream, I will roll with you like pebbles..

    1. Waooo…. Babbling bard is back . I’m privileged to see your words in my website . Thank you !

  8. Wow..Nice lines..I luv it..

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