I am sorry ! We are forever …

Rimjhim !
Like I loved the raindrops
Dancing on the galvanized rooftop,
I loved your whispers
During late night talks.

I always watched the rain
Through my windows
But I never knew you will disappear
as soon as you fall.

Espresso !
Like I love filter coffee
Brewed to be drunk together,
I loved your lullaby
That always comforted my senses.

I always tried to make it sweet
But I never knew
that it will taste like a fire
And ruin our favorite song.

Baby !
I stood there like a hope
Veiled behind the mask of love

Yes I couldn’t make it happen,

I am sorry.
It’s no more a rain,but tears
It’s no more a consolation,but fear
It’s no more a poem, but apology letter.

Hope it will rain , again
Hope we may drink coffee,again
Hope we will smile, again
we are not temporary, but forever .

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