How I inspired myself

“When life give you lemons , make a lemonade.” Someone truly said this.

Back in August I was going through one of the worst phases of my life. That’s a different story. In pursuit of relaxing myself I joined gym and played random sports. Tried to do so many things that can divert my mind. Then one evening I fell down while playing badminton and injured my feet. Two bones got fractured and I couldn’t even walk for a while.
I got depressed again. Even more. I have nobody to blame but my destiny.
This was not the end of the story. I don’t get defeated so easily. I collect guts and inspiration from my surrounding to fight against all odds . This time I had to inspire myself.

I wanted to do something new. Very newer than what I had come across in my life till date.
First of all I made new friends. That can be really inspiring when you try to explore each other.
Secondly I tried to learn new technology. Leaving my professional and academic books I learnt web design and done so well in blogger and WordPress that I came up with awesome websites.
Even more in the month of November I installed Android studio and learnt how to make an app. First app was with bugs and tried to improve a lot. Now I published my app in play store and it’s getting reviewed.
Finally , I didn’t stop  enjoying my hobby of writing poetry . I wrote around 300 poetries in different genre. Choosing few poems, I planned to publish a book too.

I just wonder how life changes within a flash of second. I was broken , was trying to get better and heal myself, and then got broken. The pain was even more. But I didn’t stop there. The pain was a blessing in disguise. I utilised my time and energy to make something new which can heal me completely.
Today I am feeling better. At least I can begin a life on a clean slate. I want to be happy. I want to fight the rest of battle alone with all glory. I want to live my life again.

So when life gives you adversity don’t get depressed. Convert it to an university where you can learn to live your life better , happier and glorious.

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  1. Really inspiring sir… Keep going on.. U hv a Fabolous tremendous personality. U ll achieve wht u hv dreamt For.. All d vry best for ur future.. Gdluck n kindly tk cr Of ur health. 💕

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