The debate of intolerance and secularism has stirred up resentment all over the country. Giving it a political colour ,the imbroglio is doing only damage to the nation than anything else. In such a situation let me tell you a story from my workplace which will make you proud of being here , in a country called India.

I am working as an Asst. Surgeon at district head quarter hospital,Nabarangpur,Odisha. As I was posted to IPD duty, I used to visit the female ward for round everyday. There was a young lady admitted for sickle cell crisis and was on treatment. She belonged to Christian community. She is very spiritual and wont take food or medicines without reading the Bible.

One day she couldn’t read the Bible and refused to take food or medicines until she reads the holy book. So I requested her to take food and medicines and to read the Bible when she will get well and good. I convinced her telling a beautiful story .

One day a man was drowning in the flood. He prayed God for help. Soon after a boat came for his rescue. But he refused saying that God himself will come to him and got busy praying Him. After few minutes another boat came to him but he denied it again. Finally he got drowned in the water and reached Heaven. He was angry on God and asked furiously why He didn’t come to him. God smiled and said ,” Son, its me who has sent two boats . But you didn’t accept my help.”

This was a story I heard from some noble heart but had lots of meaning and effect that day. The lady was convinced that God wants her to take foods and medicines.

There was an old man from muslim community. He also joined us in the conversation and said that Allah will heal her and she should take medicines and food. He mentioned that Allah has so many forms and even the doctor treating her is a form of Allah. I was stunned , feeling proud being there.

Driven in emotions I also said , ‘ Have faith in God . He will cure you soon.’

People from different communities has joined the conversation, prayed for her recovery without fighting for Gods, whose God is great or anything related to religion. Everyone respected the words n prayers of others’ . On the day of her discharge it was evident in their smiles too.

Shouldn’t we take an example from this story ??? Needless to mention the place called Nabarangpur is one of the most beautiful place in terms of peace and harmony.

Jai Hind !!!

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