Why Sonia declined the PM position???


The President (APJ Abdul Kalam) is said to have informed her that according to Section 5 of the Citizenship Act of 1955, she has no right to assume the office of the Prime Minister of India and that he was seeking the advice of the Supreme Court on this issue. Section 5 of the Citizenship Act of 1955 clearly says the rights and privileges allowed to foreigners who become citizens by application (not by birth) will only be those as are granted to Indians in the country of the concerned person’s origin (in this case Italy). Which means that since an Indian cannot be the PM of Italy, even if he is granted Italian citizenship, then Indian law says that an Italian who is granted Indian citizenship cannot be PM of India. Period. The Citizenship Act, 1955 The President reportedly told Sonia that he had to ascertain the legal position in this matter as there was no confirmation that all the rights and privileges granted to persons of Italian origin are reciprocated by Italy in the case of Indians who become citizens of that country.

Sonia is said to have decided not to take the risk after the President’s briefing. It should also be noted that the President, in his letter, invited her only to discuss assuming the post of Prime Minister, and not to assume office.

That was the reason why Sonia made such a “huge sacrifice” after “listening to her inner voice.” or the voice of APJ Abdul Kalam ……

And may be because of this they (congress) not choosen/voted Mr abdul kalam again as President of india..and that bhudi dumb Pratibha Patil who help her murderer brother has been maded president by congress

<<¬†On 13 July, 2007 Rajani Patil moved the Bombay High Court demanding that the CBI “interrogate” UPA’s presidential candidate Pratibha Patil and her brother in connection with the case before the presidential poll.Rajni Patil’s petition stated that the CBI, which was directed by the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court to probe the case in February, must question Pratibha before July 19, the date for the presidential election because she might get “presidential immunity” if she wins the poll.

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