Death of a Butterfly ( part one)

Knock !Knock !

“Yes, who is it ?”
“Madam, post man !”
All the girls inside the room left amused . Afterall this is a girls’ hostel and no male should be allowed without permission. Anyway they decided to open the door .

“Who is the recipient ?”

” VAISHALI. And this is a registered letter . only she can receive.”


The girl was shouting the name ‘Vaishali’ and walked towards the dining. Few other girls followed her .

It was too late for lunch and they were running towards the dining.Vaishali came so surprised .

” How come she is receiving a letter ? Who could be that?”

She had never received a letter here till that day.The post man handed over an envelope. Vaishali took out her black ball point pen and signed .She suddenly noticed that the ink is red . Then took out another pen which had red ink too. She looked surprised.

“It was black ” she said .

The post man was smiling mischievously . Vaishali looked at the gate . It was closed from inside . There was nobody around . She was frightened.

“I am going for a blue pen . Wait here “, she said .

“No madam . This is not ink .This is your blood. And remember your blood is red .” The post man said .

Vaishali looked at the post man . He was smiling with his stained teeth protruding out his dark black lips. Moustache and beard were little dirty as they haven’t been shaved for years . Hair was curly . And he was wearing a brown dress .

She yelled at him ,”what do you mean by blood. This is a pen ”

“But that’s your blood inside the pen .and you have signed it. ”

Vaishali looked at his legs . He had no foot . She was scared .started running towards the dining .
The post man was shouting from behind ,”You will die after reading the letter . I am going to kill you tonight .”

She was panting . Her eyes has become red in shock . She couldn’t even utter a word. All the friends have surrounded her . They were trying to console her . Finally they all went towards the gate . It was locked from inside .

Nobody believed her .As if this was just a dream they told to each other.


She was sitting quiet,had no clue to this.
“who could be this ?” ,She was asking herself .
“Will she die after reading this letter?” So many questions was hunting her.finally gathering all courage ,she torn apart the envelope.

There was another one inside the main envelope . On that envelope it was written:‘Dont read before midnight .’It was written in blood . As it was wet too,she got frightened again . She was trembling in fear and threw that envelope towards the corner of the room .

It was time for the classes ,then hospital and got engaged in her daily schedule until it was midnight .There were around a dozen of girls in her room gossiping. They all were busy and chirping like that of a fish market she just had been to .But she was very curious. The urge inside to know who that was making her restless . Slowly ,she walked towards the corner she had thrown the letter . Collected it without notice of anyone .At that time her friends were going to sleep . They all switched the light off .

Slowly she walked towards the switch board watching her footsteps .
It was dark . She could not see the switch board and was waving her hands on the wall to find it. She suddenly found a hand already present on the switch . She screamed jumping on the floor .All her roommates woke up and rushed towards her . The tubelights were lit up. Nobody was inside . Everyone were trying to console her .But there was a stain of blood on her right hand . Her eyes were getting mistier in helplessness.

Finally the light wasn’t switched off. Everyone went for a nap including Vaishali . But she couldn’t sleep even after trying a lot.

It was 1 AM. Vaishali was curious about the letter . She woke up and torn the envelope. She just noticed the blood on her palm . Anyway she continued. It was written in red ink . Perhaps it was blood too .

‘Dear Vaishali !
You don’t know who I am neither you dare to find me . Or else that could be your last breath on this earth.
Do as I say . Read this letter carefully

Look to the right. Yes, right of you . You just look towards the right side . I am not there .
Look to the left . Can you see me ? Of course not . I am not there too .
Now look to the front . Am not there too .
But don’t look your behind . If you do , I will slit your throat right now . You can’t even scream . You will die like a butterfly . “Vaishali was trembling in fear . What kind of a letter is this !!!
She couldn’t think of anything. Her mind was blank . She looked to her right and left . Looked to the front. Couldn’t gather courage to look behind . She felt someone is right behind her .She continued to read that letter ….
” My name is pogalu . I am a paranormal activist .

Vaishali interrupted him ,” you were .not you are. ”

” Just shut up . I am not dead yet .I am alive . Bloody alive .” As he was yelling at her .” Pogalu is a star . I have killed a hundred people . Raped a dozen .I have stolen babies and drunk their blood . I hit the bikers with lathi and beat them to death . You know , I can beat the death too.
Look …. I am walking . I am singing … I drink blood . I smoke too….”

The ghost was humming some sound . Suddenly the light was switched off after a spark . Everyone in the room were sleeping like dead . The ghost came to the front of Vaishali .The ghost was hanging in the air . He had no foot . The moustache and beard were like that of post man . He was smiling so ferocious. His hands were hanging like that of bats . Sometimes he used to protrude his tongue. It was red like blood . Clots were falling down the ground . He spinned his head like a turbine. He was screaming ,” look at me and listen to me . You don’t need to read that letter . I am saying what is written there .”

” I was a conman . I was madly in love with a girl . She was beautiful . I tried a lot to find her . But she never listened to me .
One day I was sitting dejectedly here the place you are sleeping. Few guys came and made me drink a bottle of alcohol. I didn’t know that they had mixed poison in that . They almost killed me . Then in the morning I was taken to the hospital .
I was gasping. I was admitted in the male ward . A doctor had prescribed for some injection . I ran amock. Finally I came to this place .there was no building here but a tamarind tree. I hanged myself .
Everyone celebrated my death . The world was overjoyed .
They buried me here. Right here . “

He shouted making some scary sound . Vaishali as well started screaming.
All her roommates woke up . They all thought of her psychologically imbalanced . Nobody was ready to understand her . They all went to the room of their warden .

The bravest girl among them had to lead the March . VAISHALI was in centre . She was trembling. They moved out of the room one after another . They complained regarding the event. The warden suggested to visit the doctor in the morning.
They all came back to their room. Everyone were busy gossiping and narrating similar incidents from their villages .But it was her , Vaishali ,calculating all the risk in fear….

“Can she survive the deadliest night ?? The ghost had promised to kill her tonight . But why ?? why all this are happening to her ?”

They all entered the room. The room was lit up. And there was no sign of any ghost .her friends looked here and there inside the room . Everything was intact . They didn’t even find the scariest letter Vaishali had put it on her bed sheet. She was trying to convince that there was a letter . But nobody did believe her and went for a nap again.

She was asking to stay awake but in vain. “She tried to take a nap. Lied on the mattress and pulled her blanket over herself. So many random thoughts were coming to her mind.Suddenly she felt a hand runnimg over her neck . softly touching her cheek and lips and slowly moving over her face. She was trembling. Then someone whispered in her ear, ‘ just come out of the room . I will show you something .”

“ But why are you doing it to me ? whats my fault ?”

Vaishali asked in tears.“just go out of your room.”

“Come with me . you will understand everything .” The ghost said with a hissing sound as if he is going to take the revenge .

Reluctantly Vaishali walked towards the door and opened it …..

To be continued ……

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