The debate of intolerance and secularism has stirred up resentment all over the country. Giving it a political colour ,the imbroglio is doing only damage to the nation than anything else. In such a situation let me tell you a story from my workplace which will make you proud of being here , in a country called India.


Hye mom !

I m really glad to write this letter to you . And you must be glad too to know that I have learnt writing. My dad is very nice and he is teaching me English .

You must be guessing who I am ,even if you know me very well. Anyway I m not what you were calling me then . I have got so many nicknames from my dad…like princess of persia , miss astronaut, Dr sanjeevanee, cutie lily, Dimple Queen , snow white etc etc.

Do You Remember Dad Used To Call You ‘Miss Laal Tamator’ ????

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