a short story of love …

“Love me & let the reason be love ” my heart asked her.

The brain laughed at the heart .

he said , `true love requires no reciprocation. If u love someone really true set her free.if she loves you back she is all yours.”

The Heart:` if not ???’

Brain: she never was!!!

The heart laughs at the brain ,“silly man ! When I ask her for love its not a `tit-for-tat’ or `give & take’.

Its just about ` I love you TOO ‘.

The brain,` so what if she doesn’t love u in return?’

The heart: ` love is never lost.if not reciprocated it will flow back,soften and purify the heart.’

The brain ,`so nice man.and what if she loves u back?’

The heart : `Life becomes complete and gives meaning to the only purpose of life.

Coz Its not only about the union of two hearts but the soul meets its soul divine.

And the journey becomes a joy ride ,even along the coarse road ,when they walk together.’

Brain : `till how long man? ‘

The heart :` forever…as long as the forever is…..’

“Love me & let the reason be love ” my heart asked her.The brain laughed at the heart .he said , `true love requires…

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