“Oh baby ! you are looking little fat”,

I said and got a kick on my dumb ass.

She was cropped when looked into a 15sq feet mirror,

What followed next was a scene of horror.

Just to save my life, I had to act a little smart

For my sweetheart prepared a diet chart.

The next day she seems dedicated to loose a few pound,

For first time,at 7 am,our clock buzzed a sound.

Walking ‘inches and inches’,she reached a near by playground,

Panting and sweating,sitting and walking finally made a round.

Took a glass of water,squeezed a piece of lemon into it

And yeah !adding honey will make her slim and fit.

She skips the lunch,instead, takes a glass of water plus,

O see! The chiken and eggs are singing victory songs.

KFC and Pizza Hut are running on recession,

Dominos and McDonalds have no money for fun.

Only protein,no fat-no cadbury in her diet chart,

A cup of coffee,if she wishes,can be added to that.

Coming from office,goes straight to the gym,

She sacrificed evening snacks and ice cream.

Two pieces of bread and adding jam to it,

Thats all she takes at night before sleep.

Going early to bed and also early to rise,

Will make her slim with right shape and size.

The next month we got a weighing machine,

Just to check out how much she’s trimmed.

She stood upon that machine with a smiling gaze,

I pressed my toes from behind without her knowledge.

The machine was broken,she fainted,the reading shown ‘moti plus 20 kilo’

since then she jumped like rabbit and ran like armadillo.

working harder she has been shedding everyday two and a quarter kilo,

This is how ‘size zero’ is very near for my ‘chhamak chhalo”.

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