“Ahh ! Am so tired.Today i completed three circles around the field.” she entered into the room panting heavily. Into a glass of water she mixed honey , squeezed a piece of lemon and stirred a spoon. The metallic sound of spoon killed my lazy sunday. peeping out of the woolen blanket, I looked her from the corner of my eyes…”THE BULLDOZER IS BACK FROM THE Fo RACING”.


You might have heard of F1 racing.but what’s this Fo racing ??

Anyway let me explain.

In the F1 racing there is speed,thrill and the goal is ‘1’…to be no1 in the race. But here in Fo racing:

you can walk as slow as possible,

you have to complete the distance of atleast one km,

you can take rest ,if you wish,on the way and continue again,

you can listen to your ipod &shake your body tuning into the music while walking,

and finally what you have to achieve,the goal,is “SIZE ZERO”.

so its called Fo racing.

“hey, my chhamak chhalo” in a low voice ,I said.The dimple in her face was enough to inform me that her mission is going on fine and the photo of sexy-size-zero-kareena-kapoor will be replaced by her own photo very very soon.

“please,close the window dear.its sunday”, I said and cuddled up inside the blanket again.

The very first time I came across “ZERO” in my life was a story in my early childhood days.

“four and zero makes to forty,

zero is stolen by an aunty.

What is left here and how much in her vanity?”

the answer was :NOTHING…nothing in her vanity.

So “ZERO IS NOTHING” was what I understood.

I was more confirmed about it when I got the marks in drawing and painting (in std 2).because I had ‘nothing’ in my brain about how a bunch of strawberries looks like.I had only heard of its flavour from the next-door-grown up-girl during an ad in TV.

Its my story how i knew the value of zero.But have you ever realised the universal truth that “ZERO IS NOTHING” ?

So here is some examples that may help you.

Coca cola zero has no calorie.

Zero mint has no sugar.

Zero gravity is no gravity.

Zero law of thermodynamics has no dynamics of temperature.

Did you get my point or not?

Anyway one more example that will clearly clear your doubt.


perhaps you dont need anymore explanation for the value of zero.

So finally we came to the conclusion that the value of zero is ‘nothing’.but when we look on the other side of zero it does not come at free of cost…the “SIZE ZERO”.

The dedication,determination and hard work my chhamak chhalo puts into her lazy days (previously so called) proves it clearly.

Early morning jogging,

sprite zero,coca cola zero,mint zero,sugar zero and all the zero things in her diet,

skipping her breakfast and of course pizza (pizza hutt is on recession) ,

2 hours long sweating in the multigym,

reading the magazines on health and fashion,

looking into the mirror more often than the clock ticks….

I dont think these things come at a free of cost !

Nowadays most of the hollywood actresses have size zero figure,the Indian models and actress come into news for their size zero figure (except poonam pandey).and of course the number never lies ! The increasing number of fat (sorry ! Healthy) women registered in the gym is surely gonna make a statement that “SIZE ZERO IS REALLY PRICELESS” !!!


I want to thank Barahmihir,the discoverer of the number zero,for how I can express my feeling when I wrap around my hand around the “size-zero-waist’ of my chhamak chhalo”.

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