Who is Immortal?

“How long can you drink
From two cups of coffee ?
And then tell me
Which one is tastier
The lips or the lipstick ??”

You have to answer
As no man has known it ever.
He keeps his eyes shut
The heart sings a song of joy
The fingers looking for a thing
To fill the space in between.

The soulmates meet on a lonely hill
For one last time .
As they will part with the memories
Lighting a candle in each other’s heart.

They would have better drunk
A glass of poison
Sweeter than the nectar of Mohini
But they let the play be resumed
some other day
On the other side of planet.

It was like a second
It was like a hundred years
And nothing could defeat their hearts.

How long will the world remember them
Before they will be a fairytale.
And now tell me
Who is immortal in this world
Their love or the God who scripted it ??

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