Do you have a Kindle yet ?

Before you answer the question let me take you to a place where you should know how lucky I am to own a Kindle . Being honest ,I can say that buying a Kindle is the best ever thing happened to my life .

So what is a Kindle ?
Kindle is an e-reader that is available in a series of different models . In the e-reader device you can browse , buy, download and read e-books,magazines , newspaper from Kindle store .

There is an app available in Android device and in ios platform where you can use this feature and read books. But it’s the device itself that makes the whole reading experience to a new level .

What makes the Kindle device special ?

Even if you love the books you can’t deny the facts that the e-reader device is special . Let’s look at the features below . I have divided it in two parts .

A: Special as a device

1. Its light ,in fact lighter than a paperback . You can keep a thousand of books for reading. That number is really huge .
2. ‎You can hold it with one hand and it makes the device more accessible. Even late at night you can read while laying on your bed half awake .
3. ‎Kindle is the best device during travel .You can take it along with you as it’s very portable and read any book you want .
4. ‎Sometimes its tough to wait for the book you purchased.In Kindle you can get a book as soonest as you buy it. You have to just download it to the Kindle library.
5. ‎It has a long battery life. The battery can last for a week or more even if you are a regular reader . You need not to worry for the charge during travel or in a busy schedule. You don’t need to take a charger as well.
6. ‎Display screen is anti-glare . You can read in sunlight and the fonts won’t fade away like in your mobile or tablet .
7. ‎Amazon Kindle is nothing but a portable library . Your family members can read it . You can synchronize among devices.

B: Special as reading experience

1. It reads like a paper. The e-Ink technology is so amazing that it will give experience of reading a paperback , no lesser than that.
2. ‎You can read for long hours . The anti-glare display won’t tire your eyes. It will increase your reading hours .
3. ‎Dictionary : Long press any word and you will get three features related to it. The meaning and usages of the word from Oxford English dictionary ,the wikipedia page of that word and the translation of that word into any language.
4. ‎Bookmark: You can pick up where you have left . This is done by whispersync technology . No need to scroll pages after pages .
5. ‎X-ray : Long press a name to zoom in on characters. That will search for all the mentions of that name in the whole book . You can read and learn about the character. This is one of the most amazing feature of Kindle .
6. ‎Notes : You can highlight a section of the texts and make note. You can edit, delete or export the notes . Even you can share this note via Facebook , goodreads and Twitter.
7. ‎Search : You can search results from library, goodreads and Kindle store .
8. ‎Fonts : Bookerly font is very nice for reading. You will feel like reading more. You can adjust the size and also the type of fonts.
9. ‎You may love to read in the dark . You can adjust the brightness according to the need. You may love to read on the beach or in a far away mountain . No need to worry for light . The brightness of backlit display can be adjustable. Enjoy your reading.
10. ‎You may love the audio books . You can get it in Kindle and listen to it. While on a long drive the story you will listen will make the driving a real fun . You can sleep on your bed listening to the audio book.
11. ‎You need not to worry for the rain or accidental water exposure. You just keep reading. The Kindle Oasis is waterproof.

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Types of Kindle :

Kindle e-reader is in a series marketed by Amazon . They are of different sizes and different features. Here I am going to show you all the kindles. According to prices from low to high the Kindle devices are named below.
1. All new Kindle
2. ‎Kindle Paperwhite
3. ‎Kindle Voyage .
4. ‎All new Kindle Oasis
They vary as per connectivity as well.
So let’s explore the different types of Kindles below .

1.Screensize : All the kindles have 6 inch display except the All new Kindle Oasis which has got 7 inch of display.
2. Display type : All new Kindle has got Pearl e-paper type of display. The Kindle Paperwhite has got e-ink display , the Kindle Voyage uses the Carta e-paper type of display and the All new Kindle Oasis uses the Carta e-ink type of display .
3. ‎Resolution : All new Kindle has got a display of 167 ppi and the rest of the kindles have the display of 300ppi .
4. ‎Built in light : All new Kindle has no built in light .Kindle Paperwhite has got built in light. Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis have built in light along with adaptive light sensor.
5. ‎Connectivity : All new Kindle has wi-fi connectivity and rest of the kindles have both wifi and cellular 3G connectivity
6. ‎Page Turn : In All new Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite you can turn the page on touchscreen but in Kindle Voyage there is a page press as well.
7. ‎Audio book : Its available in Kindle Oasis and you can listen via Bluetooth as well.
8. ‎Waterproof : Kindle Oasis is waterproof under 2 meters of fresh water for 60 minutes. Its a very good feature when you are exposed to water somewhere in rain during travelling.
9. ‎weight . All new Kindle is 191 gm,Kindle Paperwhite is 217 gm, Kindle Voyage is 188 gm, Kindle Oasis is 194 gm .
10. ‎size : All new Kindle is 6.7’×4.7’×0.4′, Kindle Paperwhite is 6.7’×4.6’×0.36′ , Kindle Voyage is 6.4×4.5’×0.3′ , Kindle Oasis is 6.3’×5.6’×0.13′ -0.33′.

Final judgement : Which Kindle should you buy ?

ALL NEW KINDLE : If you can bargain this is for you . The same experience of reading if you can compromise for the backlit screen and sharper display.

KINDLE PAPERWHITE: This is most popular amongst all.You will feel like reading real paper thanks to its super sharp screen and HD display. You can adjust the brightness as per your convenience. Its budget friendly as well.

KINDLE VOYAGE : Its more premium and looks better than Kindle Paperwhite . It has got a light sensor for auto adjustment of brightness.

ALL NEW KINDLE OASIS : This is the best of all. Larger screen , Sharper display gives you the ultimate experience of an e-reader. It supports audio books as well . Being waterproof it gives an added advantage.

So dear friends let me know which Kindle you are going to buy and why ?

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