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What colour is glass ?

http://docimages.fi/?dereter=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-gute-b%C3%BCcher&727=19 We can see through it
As it’s transparent.
It never hides anything
It’s as colourless as truth.

here What colour is tear ?

follow site The sorrow from the weeping heart
Trickles down the eyes.
It never fakes nor it’s imposed .
It’s , sometimes, the enthralling joy
That knows not it’s boundaries.
It’s as colourless as emotions.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Fairfield California What colour is water ?

http://fbmedical.fr/aftepaes/463 It fall from the sky and relive the thirstiest
It flows from the glaciers whose heart melts in salvation.
It holds life ,. it’s everywhere , both in dead and alive .
It’s as colourless as soul.

http://bestone.com.au/?COLLCC=3769533033 What colour is air ?

go to link It’s the breath that keeps us alive ?
It blows from the mountains and jungles
And keep the world green and merry ?
It carries clouds and rains from place to place ?
It blows in flutes and sing the song of romance ?
Its as colourless as love .

http://bolataruhan.org/?fiopry=rencontre-femmes-serieuses&e94=83 What colour is life ?

source Life is nothing without soul.
It’s meaningless without emotions and love .
Life is as beautiful as truth .

Still it’s not colourless. Is it ?

generic uroxatral 10 mg Then what does make life colourful ?

Manoj Kishore Nayak

ranitidine 150 mg reviews Hitherto known as the “Tissue Paper Poet” and credited many a times with initiating the same genre of poetry I, contemplated of writing this blog where I could inter-alia, endeavor to write my random thoughts and publish that of others. The blog will contain subjects of myriad hues ranging from poetry & travelogues to sundry incidents.


Ashok Kumar Gembali · March 2, 2018 at 8:13 pm

zantac 75 mg patient information leaflet Colour is our Imagination.

    Manoj Kishore Nayak · April 29, 2018 at 8:24 am

    Yeah….Colourful imagination .

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