This man restored faith in politics …

I have become apolitical. If there is anything in this world that I am passionate about is reading novels, especially fiction. ‘Politics’ is close to that. Because if you look at it and watch the day-to-day happenings it gives you all the intended feelings of love,hatred , anxiety, gratification, rebellion, shocks and surprises etc. and without this the society will become numb and dumb. That’s why ‘politics’ is greatest passion.



In India the politics revolves around the emotion and desires. The political parties are busy fulfilling the demands of people .This is called demand politics . On the contrary command politics is something that is beneficial and developmental for the society. Here in out country the elections are fought with sentiments like religion, caste , freebies and not on cognitive value of citizens. The parties didn’t abstain from doing things that’s really shameful and divisive . The greedy politicians are involved in scams and scandals.That’s why I lost interest in politics and I mourn for that.

The man who brought the change

Then comes this man into the picture.Manohar Gopalkrishna Prabhu Parrikar who restored faith in politics back .Before we go to the incident let’s know a little about the person mentioned.

Manohar Parrikar is an Indian politician who belongs to Bharatiya Janata Party.He has been the Chief Minister of Goa since 2017.Born in Goa he graduated from IIT Bombay and he is the first alumnus to serve as MLA of an Indian state.He became the chief minister of Goa a few times and has been a parliamentarian as well as a defense minister. He is adored and praised for his efficient , transparent and fast decision making as a good leader.

What went wrong ?

He suffered from pancreatitis since few months and finally diagnosed with pancreatitic cancer . Currently he is under treatment. Recently he had penned down an emotional letter which is quite emotional and inspiring where is talking about the very purpose of life.

So what’s the big thing that we are talking about here ?

Recently he visited two under construction bridges over the Mandovi river and this has become viral. He was seen with a nasogastric tube being inserted through nose into his alimentary canal. This sparked a debate. Cancer survivors appreciated the work of Parrikar and the social media and people joined the chorus for this brave act. It was inspiring indeed. I was in tears looking at the pictures of him.


How are other parties reacting ?


The congress party heavily criticised this. Congress spokesperson Omar Abdullha called it tamasha. This is as expected from Congress and parties who don’t respect the hardwork and dedication. This hurts and makes us hate politics. Congress must rise above politicics and appreciate this very effort of ailing Parrikar. This will set an example and inspire generations.

And Finally…

Being a doctor I can say that a nasogastric tube doesn’t make you bedridden or restricted to a closed chamber of ICU. You can walk , you can do your stuffs. I have seen people fulfilling their responsibilities while they continue to fight the deadliest disease in this world .They don’t easily break down and surrender. And Manohar Parrikar is the best example of such an inspiring character.

We all should appreciate and get inspired. Be it cancer or any obstacle in our life we should fight against it bravely and win the battle. Don’t panic and don’t get afraid. Remember a saying ,’ The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at a time of challenge and controversy.

As we see these values coming from our leaders it’s time to applaud the new trend and transform ourselves for a better cause .
How great is that ?

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