Stephen Hawking, A tribute to the legend

Photo Credit: (NASA/Paul. E. Alers)

If he could travel the universe
On his wheelchair
Why can’t we?

In the brief time of a history
He enthralled us with a brief history of time.
He was such an inspiration,
The disability and debilitating diseases surrendered
The cosmos stopped for a while to see his magnanimity.

Coming to earth on a Galileo’s Day
Leaving us on an Einstein’s Day
He defined his unfathomable infiniteness
Just like the digits of a pi.

We don’t know where has he been to
The vacuum or a black hole.
But to see the light in dark and to feel the energy of omnipotence
I will remember his words,
“Don’t forget to look up at the sky”

I know
You will be there among stars
You will be there inspiring generations
You will be there.
You will be there.

NB :

Stephen Hawking

Born on 8th January,1942 : Galileo’s 300th death anniversary.
Died on 14th March ,2018 : Einstein’s 139th Birthday.

March 14 is observed as Pi day as well.

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