She is here……

For hundreds of generations I walked on this earth,

thousands of times I revolved around the universe,

busy worshiping the unknowable Gods,

seeking the blissbare of heaven against all odds.

where is she?I need her healing touch.

untill I mingle into her soul,I’ll search…I’ll search…

Wandering through the destiny,on my eternal tour;

I see a magic at silk city berhampur.

I wonder… how’s the moon smiling like her,

and see her twinkling eyes as star’s glitter,

fragrance of jasmine I breathe in the air

the sonnets of love whispering into my ear,

trees are dancing,Oh ! birds are singing,

is she here playing the rainbow strings…

I see flowers glowing heavenly beautiful,

she must be here…otherwise how’s it possible?

I pray to God with every blooming dawn…

Let her be mine ! I won’t die,again to be born !


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