I have not slept for days…

Whenever I tried to

bedeemed recollections dances upon my mind.

Splendid memoir of graceful childhood chance to gleam

through the mist and ripples of time…over time!

The fragrance of wet soil,make me,on the vulture wings,fly

where my tiny hands’ only job was to catch a butterfly.

Like the cirrus cloud that rafted along the blue sky

devouring the elegance of my motherland from heart so high.

O I see…

Angelic brothers’ devilish fight,

hide &seek in the summer night,

on a cart ride once I fell down the ground

jumping,rolling and being fooled around,

I stole a hajomla tablet and paid a heavy sound,swimming across the day,skipping rocks on the pond

I remember the days…when I was…

As a chweet baby of my father,

blowing big balloons,swinging on his lap

as a barbie gal of my mother,

hugged blue kisses,dreaming in softy nap

as a princess in my majhia maa’ fairy tale,

flying into the sky with my dark and hunky prince

as a naughty doll of my brothers,

teasing funny lines for a freaky little pinch

joy of revisiting childhood translated into rapture of happiness

but,alas!what i see breaks my heart into smithereenrs

a boy,on the road covered with grime& sweat

is it his all that we call childhood or cursed fate

O almighty! I need not my childhood again

but full of energy to fight against the pauper

a heartful of smile,on their lips,filled to the brim

even it may cost my blood,bone and soul trimmed.

(dedicated to a chweet baby!!)

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