once in a blue moon …

Have you ever played the romantic moon light strolls ?

Have you ever been to a seductive boat ride down the stream?

Have you ever been to a energetic morning walk to feel the sun ?

Have you ever been in a warm embrace in a coolest dawn?

Have you ever been ,with your dream love,for a candle light dinner?

Have you ever danced together in a rainy shower?

If yes then close your eyes and revisit the enigma…

If not ,near is your dremland,if you will be rinsed with poetry…

Feel the imagination,a delusional fantasy of essense and existence of your dreams….

Life is a magic,like a voyage to infinity ,like a poetry…

Life is ,endeavouring to fathom,full of mystery…

Bemused ,with curiosity,by such Inexplicable queries…

Who is the lucky lady the sun arts the rainbow for?

What does the ocean say to the moon when the moon falls on its lap?

Why does your sweetheart loves a rose the most when its red?

Why did you cry when you landed on this earth and you celebrate it everyday?

Why the sun is called the enemy of lovers even if I could see her just because of it?

Why am I writing this nonsense dustbin material to satisfy my stupidity?

Its because…Life is beautiful,life is mysterious…

Dreams and fantasy are the next best thing it can offer to us….

So here it is,quenching your inexorable desire,a place to move on

Come on a journey with me, atleast….ONCE IN A BLUE MOON !!!

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