3:50 AM

Just 15 minutes before my mob flashed my mom’s pic with her contact number. I just got panicked . It was a shortest missed call late at night . Needless to mention I called her back immediately.

Tring Tring !

Mom: hello beta ! are you awake ? are you fine ? are you….( I just interrupted her)

Me: yes momma ! what happened ??????????????

Mom : what are you doing ?

I looked through the window. It was dark outside.

Me: momma I am sleeping ?

Mom : nope . u are not . what r u doing ?

Me : momma I am reading newspaper. Having a cup of coffee. And yes I am in front of my room sitting on my bike. Anymore info do u need ?

Mom: that’s why I dreamt of you now .

Me :what !!! momma dreams are just our sleeping thoughts when our brain is not working.

Mom : don’t fool me. I dreamt of you now that you are coming home on your bike. ( a little pause ) and you were driving very fast…. ( I interrupted again )

Me : mommma I am not going home any sooner. I have my exam.

Mom was silent for a while. Finally I promised, ‘ momma , I am coming home today . now you can go to sleep.’

Mom looked delighted . but still refused to sleep. After delivering a long lecture on safe drive She got busy in putting black grams in water etc etc just because I like foods made of those things. By the time I finished my coffee I dialed her number again just to get a new concept “when you dream of your son or Gods ,whatever you dream of it’s always going to be good (brings good fortune) !”

While I am writing this in my diary I was just curious how God created ‘MOTHERS’.



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