Love is a paradox
I got drunk on it ,the sweetest poison
Sometimes I hate you with sweet affection.
I don’t know how not to love you ,
Wish I could learn it from you …
You are the best thing that has ever happened
Who made my life as good as heaven , and a hell the next second .
You are that angel in my sweetest dream ,
You are that nightmare I used to scream .
I am in love with war , a war of love,
You are the weapon that pierce my heart, you are the peace – dove
You are the rain ,make me cry with lightening and thunders
You are the rainbow painting my life with seven colours .
You are the sorrow , you are the ecstasy of heaven ,
Love is life , love is to die again and again .
For Love is a paradox
Its better to be in love than not being in love at all
O’ Hon’ Divine !
Rise and compromise ,in love again , before we will fall !

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