lil flower

During my early childhood i asked my mom,who very often says to me’i love you’, “maa,wat id lob”

C answered,’love is a beautyful flower’

suddenly i went upto a flower vase,picked one,wid those lalling speech,’maa,take dis lob’said I.

aftr a pause i said,’maa,y dunt u ask BAPA to bling a big lob fol me’

C smiled again dis tym wid a wider one…whisperin in my ear,

‘a white feathered fairy wl rise frm d purple colored mountain

c wl gift u a heartful f love…a bunch of butyful flowers’

since then i was waiting 4 that fairy…

One day i was walking down d street;a silly schoolgirl a chilly dancer of romance dressed white walked past me.her bewitching smiles made me crazy.i turned bak.c had a bunch f butyful flowers in her hand.

Dat evening,with tear stained cheeks,i asked,’maa,i saw d fairy wid so many butyful flowers but…’

‘my boy! C is an angel…u r a mortalman’


‘ok baba,in one case c wl gift her love to u’

‘which case’

‘u must have more butyful flowers than c has’

since then i everyday draw some blood frm my stupid heart&stain my flowers red making it a lil’ more butyful.

Thinking of c wl oneday come unfolding all d mystery wid those butyfl flowers &giv a panacea touch to my bleeding heart

but still…still……..

O fairy!come on…

U r made for me…

Dont let me,anymore,MISS UR BUTYFUL FLOWERS…

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