A miraculous journey through the landscape of fantasy…

A conciliatory smile amidst the poignant reality…


A collections of moments & the recollections of their merriments….

In a relentless conquest to glory,its a conquered monument…..


A funfilled sugar-free coffee that can bring us a miracle…

A sparkling little star,even in darkness,that does twinkle…


A marbled fountain , streaming , singing the song of joy…

A bright red lily,dancing , fanciful romance that does crave….


An icy cold bath under the warm and bright sunshine…

neath a wet Saree,concealed, its the beauty peeps from within…


Journeying atop the mountain,clasped,behind someone’s back…

A sound sleep,killing wearisome,lulled upon a soothing lap….

Life is beautiful….live it, love it !

Life is a miracle….dream it,devour it !!

#the poem is based on a dream (few days back).

Where I took a cup of coffee and the miracle happened.

With an angel,I flied to the paradise,plucked stars,took bath in a beautiful stream,played the magic…..

##dedicated to that Angel ♥

©image:my friends A&B in bora house,Ramoji film city

Words for reference


Conciliatory :pacifying

Poignant :painfully affecting the feelings

Merriment :lively celebration

Crave:need or beg

Neath: beneath

Wearisome :tiresome

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