And as a final year student of MBBS the things those really matter are…

-around 10,000 pages of medicine books (paediatric and psychiatry included)

-around 8,000 pages of surgery books (if you dont want to leave your phone inside the stomach)

-around 2,000 pages of gynaecology and obs(too boring)

-around 10,000 pages of previous year’s subjects

[all papers are considered of A4 size]

still some spaces do remain vacant inside the brain and thats for… Ur beloved love or a girl,your latest crush!

Even after this if some places remain vacant then you have to remember…

{serially untill the free memory of your brain is filled up}

-names of beautiful girls of your campus

-some unknown numbers those send you texts

-your friends’ teasing names

-to text or call your girlfriend

-the time table

-able to count your family members

-to fill your empty stomach with nonveg vegetables

-to wear an underwear

-to brush your teeth and wash your face atleast once a day

in this hustle and bustle of busy life its hard to remember usually I make a note of things I have to do or else.But damn me forgets to read the note very often.

This was 7th february 2010.being miles away from my sweet home I was feeling bored.I planned to visit a hill station.I made a note of things I had to take and thank God! This time I didn’t forget to remember the notes.

“I have to stay 2days and 3 things to be taken are…

-1 air bag to pack everything

-1 transparent skinfit (in case it rains)

-2 pairs of jeans

-3 shorts

-4 innerwears

-5 T shirts(spraying some scents)

-for shoes 2 pairs of socks(except white…they have added colours)

-for hygiene…;-)

-1/4 th of dettol soap(I cut one into 4 pieces)




-razor(I dont need shaving cream,i use shampoo)

-oil(navaratna-I dont need any ac)

-deo (wild stone-I like married women)

-body spray (axe-affected by its effects)

-toothbrush and tooth paste(shouldn’t need them,but just in case)


-cough drops(I have cronic soar throat)

-steroid eye drops (I sleep less)

-powder and some fairness cream (for men only)


-Ipod and accessories(I love music)

-earbuds (both of philips and johnsons’)

-camera with memory card and charger (am photogenic especially at night)

-laptops and its charger(i got it free)

-mobile and its charger(even if I will not talk to anyone)

-books and magazines (if I can get cosmopolitan old issues ;-()


(you can stare at a girl with open eyes)

-purse with an atm card


-hair gel and brush(get set wet 2b very very sexy)

-and a train ticket to my destination.”

I checked out everything comparing the list.

Oh fine!

I dont need any security around …oh! am not a celebrity yet.

I dont need any passport am not going abroad.

I dont need any suicide bomb am not a terrorist.

I walked out of my room just forgetting to switch the fan off.

After a whole night journey I reached my destination.O damn!at that railway station,to my utter surprise, what I saw was unbelievable.


what is this ? Why am I on TV?

have I won any nobel prize?

-oh no,my research is not over yet.

Will my movie be released today?

-oh no,the script is not ready.

Am I the prime suspect of great indian robbery ?

-oh no,I was not born then.

Lets free some space from my brain

… … … …

Oh, I just forgot to inform my parents about the journey.and damn me is in ‘CLASSIFIED’ on TV.

I checked my mobile in a hurry.oh 527 missed calls and 124 new messages!just forgot to change the silent mode.

A button pressed…and all vanished away.another mistake.

I could have forgot a pair of socks.

I could have forgot the toothbrush.

But shouldn’t forget to make a call to my parents.

Anyway lets free some memory from the brain.

If you are going home you can delete the memory of calling or texting your girlfriend.

If you are using ortel broadband you can delete the memory of sending a scrap or posting on the wall.

So always keep spaces in the brain to remember something.

Remember only the things those really matter.

If not..

KEEP FORGETTING…get relaxed.Its good for health.

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  1. Oh god…what kind talent you have …only a few person can describe Thier feelings .. otherwise feelings are always untold able…really a great poet you to read u..keep writing.

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