I wanna be a good boy !

I will not jump to the bed wearing the footwear,

I will not tie the wet towels together.

I will remember your every birthday,

I will give you a rose everyday.

I will not spit or shout or even swear,

I will take you foreign once a year.

I will not touch the remote without your permission,

I will record ‘ROADIES’ and ‘LIVE Paris Hilton’.

I will give you jewellery and ‘KAT’ will be jealous,

I will cook at night…that’s too delicious.

From the bottom of the toothpaste tube,I will squeeze,

I will never stare at any girl with open eyes.

I will go to bed with aryan and simran,our two children,

I will tell you the story of the golden apple and the diamond garden.

At hospital and clinic,I will be very helpful,

I will treat to my best even if she’s not beautiful.

I will change myself and adopt the new,

Come on darling ! I will be waiting for you…..

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