Happy Birthday, Brother !

Do you know
You can burn brighter than the sun
You can fly ferocious than the storm
You can twinkle like the star of a night
You can soothe a soul like moonlight.

Do you know?
You can move the mountains
With your strong zeal and power
You can bloom so beautiful
Like a budding flower .

Do you know
You are the best person in this world
With such qualities of humane
You are very dangerous in achieving
When you run for it like an insane.

Do you know
You are born to be a champion
And you are the man.
You are on the verge of a glorious win
Just make it happen.

Do you know
It’s your day as you came to the earth
On such a special date
Wishing you a happy and prosperous life
And add a little more fat.

Happy Birthday Muna !

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