Forlorn …

Clasp me tight
And set me free.
Hug me once
And let me go.
I am the wine kept open
And forgotten overnight .
The aroma be yours
Inebriated be you
Even when I will be gone beyond the oblivion….

Would you drink me tonight ??

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Manoj Kishore Nayak

Hitherto known as the "Tissue Paper Poet" and credited many a times with initiating the same genre of poetry I, contemplated of writing this blog where I could inter-alia, endeavour to write my random thoughts and publish that of others. The blog will contain subjects of myriad hues ranging from poetry & travelogues to sundry incidents. Being a 'bookaholic' I would like to tell you about the books I read and the authors I meet across the corners which will quench your thirst for literary entertainment and will impart a certain cachet to your intellectuality. Read More...
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