Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love.
Some are born just to experience the abbreviation of it….

Within that little abbreviation he punctuated his life to console itself.
Emotions channelised into tears;while searching for a twinklig smile in the whims of stars
discovered himself in those tears
that did transcend into a great monument of love
even more beautiful than ‘the taj mahal’
‘I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY’-his first child of emotion,
which speaks the very glory of love,its truth,honesty and
bedazzled a life with its benevolent radiance……….

O now see ! the maverick writer slaying every book stall of the country with his superhit National best seller,splendid creation,his debut novel.
being a die hard fan of him,one of the best thing to be happened in my life was when i had a conversation with him.



ME-Can you brief something about your academic background?

RAVIN- I have my great childhood at Guru Nanak Public School,Sambalpur upto 12th.I completed computer engineering in karnataka in the year 2003.After that I joined a prominent IT company in that same year and continuing with that.

ME-Please, tell something about Odisha from your experience.

RAVIN- I have spent 25 years of my life in Odisha.I sense variation in their culture,language when we travel from the western to eastern part of Odisha.but till now its a neglected state and Govt as well as the people should pay more attention for its development.

ME- Starting from ‘Paradise lost’ to ‘I too had a love story’ there is a tragedy behind every literary person.Is it always be the backfire to propel such a smash hit?

RAVIN- I do understand that there are a lot of things in literature which have come out from the people who have very hurt or something made them so.something can be matter of happiness or something can be matter of grief.

In my case the emotions were channellised into tears and I thought to channellise my emotions thought into a piece of paper.So I do agree to your question in some extent.

ME- I am sorry for your loss and pain.
What was the most surprising thing you learnt during writing your book?

RAVIN-Alot of challenging and happy thing actually happened.but its a call from a reader who somehow managed to get my no and called me asking about his mail.I never thought people would email me probably because I am a debut author.And on that day, just 6 days after my book was published,I had 47 emails.And now thousands of email are in my inbox and cant reply all.

ME- Is there any message in your novel that you want your readers to grasp?

RAVIN-I don’t want people to get carried away in emotion.I do understand that its a great loss when you loose your love but you need to cope up with it .The world does not end there.You have friends ,relatives for whom you have to survive and for your ownself as well.I wrote this book which is my source of survival

ME- “At 28 life has a long way to go”.so how do you want to walk this path?alone or holding someone’s hand?

RAVIN-(Laughs) Certainly life changes.In the initial there is a thing that why do we want to be married.Imagine you are 60,alone and there is noone to be there.For the same thing I would probably rethink of my life definitely to hold someone’s hand.

ME-Then which will you choose? someone you love the most or someone who loves you the most…

RAVIN- With her where both the things match.I want the best to come and it comes by choosing both of them.

.ME-looking at the current trend of picturisation of famous novels to bollywood movies aren’t you interested to see ‘I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY’ on the silver screen?

RAVIN-I have already got a couple of proposals from various directors which I dont want to reveal at this point of time.’Book’ is my baby and can’t give it away to be get converted into a commercial movie.

ME- Then who should play the character of ‘Khushi’?

RAVIN-(laughs) Thats a big question.Even in orkut there is a poll going on?

ME- It would be better if you can play the character yourself.

RAVIN-(laughs)No!Am a writer may not be a good actor.

ME-Wha is the hardest part of writting ?

RAVIN- To get the publisher.Its very difficult to make your mark and let be published.Its too difficult for debutants.

ME-How do you feel comparing the ‘2 states’ –the embryo period of your book and after it has opened its eyes?

RAVIN-Just like a mother feels aabout her child.She feels that her child is going to come after 9 months and for first time she holds her child in her hand.

ME- After loosing your love has “the passion of writting “ added a zing to your life?

RAVIN-Not passion of writting .As I wrote in the initial context of my book that I never thought I would be a writer or author but destiny made me.

ME-Who is your favourite author and which book has inspired you a lot?

RAVIN-I like Erich Segal’s ‘LOVE STORY’,Mith Albom’s ‘FOR ONE MORE DAY’ and ‘A WALK TO REMEMBER’ by Nicholas sparks.

ME-Travelling through the glorious literary history of orissa from ‘Upendra Bhanja’ to ‘Prativa Roy’where do you want to place yourself?

RAVIN-I don’t place myself to any category.”There is someone from Orissa as a debutant author and has become the national best seller “.This is the only thing that I want to ive with.

ME-What do you see as the ‘barriers’ that keep many of us from experiencing success and satisfaction ‘as writers’ especially in orissa ?

RAVIN-A lot of factors.Orissa being a neglected state ,poverty plays another factor.People are starving to get water.Its very difficult to persue about their interest level.And also you can’t find people of similar mindsets in Orissa like metros.Parents would not allow their children to take this up as a carrier.

ME-The current blog wars among celebs is supposed to slip away from its actual motive being used just as their publicity stunts.What is your view regarding this?

RAVIN-I do agree that some celebs write for easy campaign of themselves with the intent of getting publicize.But there are also good blogs which are not meant for publicity stunt.Only 5% bloga are coming into publicity .

ME-If you see the current era of literature,most of the writer are from IIT/IIM background.Do you have any suggestions to help us becoming a better writer?

RAVIN-The truth is students of IIT/IIM are not too much into the English language itself like the people in BA/MA in English.I also wonder but its probably because they are smart enough to portrait their idea in terms of writing.Language wise I don’t know how good or bad they are.

ME-Any message for us-“the youthful medicos”.

RAVIN-I always think that they are ahead of me as medical exam is very tough than the engineering is.I really appreciate those people who take care of all the patient from various parts of the country.And finally you are the people who save life.So this is the greatest achievement for you.

ME-Thanks a lot sir for these few moments you spent with me.

RAVIN-Welcome! Ok bye!!

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