Dew, the lovelorn

From the dell of nothingness,
It was raining
drops of tears
from the heart of a lovelorn.

O’ beloved little jasmine!

You caught hold of my hands
as I was falling down the netherworld.
Your lap was my refuge
Lest I couldn’t keep my body and soul together.

Darkness deepened offering the debauchery of senses.
It wasn’t any mere touch of unclothed souls,
Passionately, As we dived into each other
To find the eternal ecstasy of love and lust
Promising a celestial togetherness forever.

As it dawned bright and sunny,

O’ nihilistic floret!

You sought the light of a splendid sun.
On the wings of despair
I, the lonely gleaming dew,
made my flight to the oblivion.

No regrets, for sake of love
May all light pour upon you
May you blossom into a beautiful angel.

I will die with a smile; for love
I’ll never come back to obsess you again.

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