destination, inspiration, dream
photography: Debendra Dharua


That’s where my dreams are

I have traveled the toughest roads of the world

The mountains, the forests, and the sand dunes.

Fought with the scorching heat and freezing cold,

Killed so many wild animals

And finally, I have arrived here.

You might not have heard of them.

I am yet to become a hero

I am yet to be read in history books.
I have started my journey long back.

I can, now, see nothing but ripples of water

The other side of the water may have a shore

I just want to conquer that world

I want to become the king of that land.
Forbidden thoughts and blood clots on a knife

I have Backpacked those all.

It’s time to sail across the path

Traveled by none.

Sometimes I feel like drowning

My chest gets straining

My voices get lost in the water

I feel helpless

And suddenly rise again

Sometimes I see the sun has set

My vision gets blurred

My navigation loses the direction

I feel blind

And suddenly see the pole star.
Sometimes I get tired

My energy gets exhausted

My hope glimmers in the dark

I feel weak

And suddenly I fight again.
I have heard of them who have stopped sailing midway.

They all get drowned

Or died of starvation.

Their names are lost from the municipality diary.

But I want to be a victorious

My name must be put in the pages of history books.

I will keep sailing until I reach the shore

Till the last drop of water

I can see all around.

All that I can do is hold the oar tight, row the boat

And rehearse the victory song.

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