What is the happiest moment in your life?

Could you please fly back to the moment you were in cloud nine?

Would you please describe the moment you want to live it again and again?

These questions drives me into those emotions-soaked moments that enthrals my soul still now.some are here that happens in almost everyone’s life:

A bachelor at hostel…end of a month…wallet empty….suddenly he finds a 100 Rupee note folded inside a book! How does he feel?

A lonely man in a stranger city….lonely road and unknown language…getting bored even more confused….he meets his childhood friend!

U love a girl desperately…even more,silently…could not talk to her ever…what u could is see and wishing her to be yours…one day she smiles at you….

There are so many moments those make your heart light.Its countless as we cherish most of the unexpected moments to our fullest emotion.But there are few moments worth describing till the end of life..:)

Here it is !

So many times I am asked such questions by starting from a toddler to an old philosopher,from a teenybopper to a ruthless professor…and my answers to those questions were different to different people.

So I ask myself “did I tell a lie?”

“did I want to keep it secret?”

or “was I uncomfortable to tell it to him?”

But in reality answers to those questions which seeks the happiest moments of life changes over time as we go on living more and more happier days.

If you have asked me the same question just a day before I was born,I would have toldĀ ‘the moment i was conceived by my mom!”

and if you have asked it on the day I was born it would be that day itself.

if it was the happiest moment of my life then why was I crying?”

“because I was leaving the safest place in this world,my mother’s womb.”

“so why do I call it the happiest moment?”

“sages meditate for ages,people spend their whole life in search of God;yet they cant find Him.but I have seen my creator who gave me life,who brought me to the earth tolerating unbearable pain…that day I have seen God!”

As the time rolled on I added more and more moments to my journey of life.

The day I got a toy plane from my father,I was 3.I was on the air all the time.

The day I opened a book for first time,I still remember the pictures of apple,bat and the queen that I dreamt to marry one day when I would grow up.

The day I heard the story of the Mahabharat and the Ramayan from my grand pa…I had become a warrior in my real life ,too, chasing the butterflies in the garden.

The day I went to school for 1st time…I was feeling more and more proud even more than Neil Armstrong would have felt landing on the moon.

The day I bunked the school for the first time…I became too clever being a master mind who can cheat the most genius man on the earth,my teacher!

The day I was elected monitor of our school…I was feeling like the president of United States of America.

The day I have seen zoo for first time…wished I were a tiger and roar all the day,and will frighten my best friend.

The day I went to a picnic for first time…I remember the taste of vanilla and the bath under a water fall.

The day I got the kiss from my dream love…I still dream it with open eyes and sleep again to live that moment once more!

Even more cherishing moments in my life would be….

The new year of 1995,the day I wrote the first poem of my life and gifted to my father.I still celebrate the new year as its anniversary!

Next is november 26,1997.I was on All India Radio playing my part in a drama ‘PARIBARTANA’ and later as a candidate for interview….I can never forget that day even after I demise.

One more day to the list was december 8,1998.I was competing an all orissa debate competition at BJB college .I supported terrorism and won the prize but regarded as a terrorist among my friends.It hurts me a lot but that was a day which changed my life.

Then it was december 26,2000.I was in TV(DD6) in a quiz competition.I lost it still I was happy just being in TV.

Then it was June 10,2006 ,the day orissa JEE result was declared and changed my life and name forever….Got the license to study in a medical college.everyone I knew were happy for me.One of my biggest dream came true satisfying my inexorable desire.

The proudest moment was yet to make it into the list untill the 3:47 pm,27th March 2010.I talked to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam my ideal,a dream of a nation,a phenomenon itself.I was on the other end of a phone and was driven crazy as a little child feels getting a new doll.

The next moment was the day my daughter was born,the ‘Sanjeevanee’.Interviews from the ideal of millions Dr kalam,from the best Indian debut author of that year,from the youngest politician of orissa even more the old English poems below each article,bold liners,and the night long vigil made me happy.It inspired me a lot and made me to dream ahead!

And the latest is….the moment I am celebrating even when I am writing this article.

April 2,2011

121m celebrtated the victory of a nation…INDIA WON THE WORLD CUP !!!

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