Death Of a Butterfly : Part 2

Reluctantly Vaishali walked towards the door and opened it …slowly !

She was trembling in fear. Her fingers were cold and numb. She couldn’t feel the touch of the door . Trying to look through the gap of the door-curtain she couldn’t see anything . It was dark outside.

Suddenly Vaishali felt a warm scratch on her right ear ,just like the touch of four fingers those are undergoing scaling.

“ Who is this ?”,Vaishali screamed and turned back.

A devilish whisper pierced into her left ear. Someone pulled her hair from behind . Vaishali couldn’t see anyone but felt the tight grasp of a hand fastening around her neck. The invisible hand slowly moving upon her face , his fingers being strayed upon her lips . Vaishali was feeling breathless.

“ Your lips are beautiful”, he said .gradually  Vaishali was loosing her consciousness.

He continued with a crackling sound ,” but I wont kiss these lips here. The best is yet to come .”

“look at me”, the screaming sound was echoing in the room . but none of her friends were able to hear it.

The laughter of the ghost evanesced in the darkness and Vaishali saw a smoky face appearing in the dark room.

“have you ever wondered how you are able to see me ? “ ,he asked .

There was no answer from Vaishali. The blank stare into the darkness had no clue to the most curious question of her life .

“you can see dead people .” the ghost shouted angrily .

Suddenly Vaishali felt a kick from behind. She fell down the ground in front of the door. The ghost held her hair and started pulling her on the floor. Her hands were getting bruised and started  bleeding too. The ghost pulled her towards the centre of the lawn which was enclosed by the hostel buildings all around.

After few moments Vaishali regained her self-consciousness . she could see more amazing things  happening around her.

“Is it a nightmare ?” she was asking herself.

    She was standing at the centre of the lawn. Looked all around . the windows and doors were closed .This January it was too cold here . It was a twilight . There was no moon in the sky and the stars were shining brighter that night. Winds of misfortune were blowing at fierce making her hair unruly. There was no electricity in the hostel as well. The sparking of bulbs were making her afraid. Birds were flying over the hostel even during the night time.

She heard some chirping sound coming from her dining room . Gathering all courage  she walked towards the hall slowly . It was dark . There were numerous skeletons lying on the ground and two naked old men were sitting around that pile of skeletons. They were looking very thin as if there was only a cover of dark skin over their skeletons. No hair on their heads, protruding teeth, sunken eyes and wrinkles of their faces was horrible to see. They were looking like mummified humans. It was making Vaishali very confusing that she can see dead people .

 They were breaking those skeletons. When they were breaking the ribs they were celebrating in joy. The crackling sound was clearly audible. One of them broke the ribs of a skeleton and started eating it. He was very happy as Vaishali could hear their conversation. After breaking the bones and separating the long bones , namely the femur, the tibia and the humerus one of them started tying them with a strip of hair. Suddenly one of them stood up and started dancing. He was naked, 6ft tall. He has got no hair but big flat ears like that of an elephant. They were clapping which was making a noise like that of two wooden blocks or bones are colliding to each other.

“yes ,I found . yes I found …”

The other old man was looking at him so strangely . “oh you found a little girl. The ribs are very tasty …yahooo…” . He tried to snatch it from another old man .

They were dancing and singing songs in some incomprehensible language “..hulallajhkdkn…” .They started running inside the dining in a circle, one after another.

Give me a bite , one was asking another.

But what’s this ? Suddenly they were tied by a snake and forced to walk upside down . Perhaps their master was doing it but Vaishali couldn’t see him.

“I was watching you bastards . Don’t ever dare to think that I will let you play. You are my slaves.” Saying so the ghost kicked a skull . the skull flied away like a football and hit the wall .

“ I exist everywhere. I am God . I am the destiny”, the master ghost , said angrily.

They got busy in their work . they were making a ladder with femur and tibia and joining the  humerus bones perpendicularly tying them with long hairs . They completed making the ladder .Then they took it outside the dining hall holding it from both the ends.

The ghost was holding a skull.the skull of the little girl he kicked few minutes before. With a hissing sound the ghost pierced a bone into the orbit of the skull. A crying sound was coming out from the skull . Few moments later as the ghost continued to pierce the orbit with a pointed bone , blood came out of that skull. The ghost was drinking that blood. A little girl was crying somewhere but Vaishali couldn’t notice anyone out there.

The ghost saw Vaishali standing in the dining hall. In a hurry he pulled out the tiles of the floor and buried the bones below that. He did put the tiles back there so that nobody can know the skeletons were hidden at that place.

She took Vaishali out of the dining hall holding her neck from behind ..He was saying to her ,”if you will go to heaven walking on the ladder made of cursed bones you won’t be back to the earth again. Earth is for bloody humans . we have got our heaven. Let me take you out from here. So you are not coming back to this place anymore.” The ghost was laughing aloud.

The two naked old men were hanging in the air as if they were flying in the sky. They were holding the ladder together. The ladder was hanging down the ground. The ghost ordered them, “don’t let the ladder touch the ground . or else you will be crushed to death.”

 Vaishali was standing still . She refused to climb. The ghosts threatened her to kill all her friends ,drink their blood and eat their skeletons right in front of her. There were snakes in the ground all hissing towards her . Having no other option Vaishali put her foot on the ladder of bones.

 Tear well was overflowing from her eyes. She was sobbing .

 She never believed in the ghosts. She never believed in the Gods . She was the queen of her own destiny . How can this happen to her !!  Everything happening around her was like a nightmare to her.  But her wounded soul was the witness to this brutal truth. She can see, she can feel, she can hear … and it was nothing but truth. Its better to explore why all this was happening to her and to face the situation bravely wherever she will be . The random thought made her calm and composed As she was climbing up the ladder .

The tears from her eyes were bidding good bye to this earth.

She closed her eyes . the only thing she can perceive in this world now was devilish sounds rhyming like a song …

“Hulala huliilii, Hulala huliilii

Lets welcome the Butterfly …

Hulala huliilii , Hulala huliilii

Lets drink the fresh blood of a little girl.

Hulala huliilii… Hulala huliilii….”

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