Curse of love …

At first sight her smiling luscious lusture

lured into the lurid zone of love.

I couldn’t ¬†hug her again in my dazzling dreams ,

when I realised I won’t be hers ,

I won’t ever hug her again.

Sat on the terrace lonely and blue

Below the silvery moon teasing at me ,

Searching for my fate in the whims of stars ,

Stars blinked at me on their fairy path.

I shivered , closed my eyes ,

fought with my tears to console myself.

But she brought a painful flush to my heart,

I ,along the dream road ,let the tears flow…


I offered her two options :

“love me for sake of love,


Be loved till I breathe ”

Perhaps she chose the later…

I whispered to myself,

“I never loved you nor I do ”

the biggest lie I had ever told to myself.

And I am ,still ,waiting for her

with every beat of my broken heart

And even beyond the great judgement day…..

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